Advisory Council

The Beach 2030 Campus Master Plan Advisory committee consists of a broad representation of the campus community. This group advises and provides direction throughout the planning process. Each member represents their own department/organization, but also speaks to their experiences and perceptions of the campus as a whole. The members are charged with communicating back to their teams and advocating for the plan throughout the process.

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Kick-Off (October 4, 2019)

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Chair: Scott Apel, Vice President Division of Administration & Finance; Chief Financial Officer

Michael Gardner

Melissa Soto

Piya Bose

Colleen Ryan

Christopher Reese

Mark Edrington

Jeff Klaus

Janet Foster

Steve La

Mishelle Laws

Curtis Bennett

John Lyons

Sabine Reddy

Shireen Pavri

Chris Burnett

Monica Lounsberry

Noreen Kimura

Forouzan Golshani

Nancy Meyer-Adams

Deborah Guilbeau

Miles Nevin

Xan Bayalan

Lizbeth Velasquez

Corry Colonna

Robyn Ames-Woodward

Clint Campbell

Joshua Cicheniec

Tony Malagrino

Martin Grant

John Brockie

Dennis Lupresto

Larisa Hamada

Mary Nquyen

Holli Fajack

Jonathan Iniesta

Bruce MacCrae

Barbara Taylor

Amanda Nazareno

Eddie Rangel

Valarie Palacios

Cynthia Agustin

Lennis Serrano

Jennifer Hicks